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Invent-it and Pitch-it

Creators of 'Products' - the hilarious invent-it pitch-it card game.

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Inspiration is wildfire

We want our impact to move beyond our games. All skypig games are aimed at inspiring creativity, imagination, and entrepreneurial energy in each player's own life.

  • Founded in the COVID-19 lockdown

    Prioritizing community and face-to-face interaction since May 2020.

  • Entrepreneurship-infused Games

    Infusing games with entrepreneurial energy and creativity.

  • Supporting Economic Development

    Partnering with local/national chapter organizations to support economic development.

  • Fun, Creative Entertainment

    Creating games first and foremost. Not education disguised as games, and definitely not boring.

  • Columbia, MO

    Founded in Columbia, MO. Home of the University of Missouri and the Mizzou Tigers!

  • Learn by Doing

    Pairing with educational opportunities. Lesson plans, gamified learning, and more.