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Products - Original Edition

Products - Original Edition

Products is the original invent-it, pitch-it card game. Create genius or hilariously horrible products, then pitch your glorious inventions to friends and family.

  • Includes 180 Features (blue cards), 70 Products (white cards) for your crazy minds infinite replayability. 
  • Perfect for a game night with friends, a class activity with students, an ice breaker to start a business meeting, and more!
  • Includes rules with three unique ways to play, invent, and win!
  • This is the original game!
  • Limited 1st Edition packaging!


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    How to Play !

    1. Draw: The investor draws a Product card.

    2. Invent: The players match a Feature card with the Product card.

    3. Pitch: The players pitch their new inventions in 60-seconds.

    4. Invest: The investor chooses the winner for the round.

    What is your pitch?

    We want to hear the ideas you come up with! Submit and share your ideas and genius inventions for rewards, features, and more.

    Submit Pitches
    • 60 Second Setup

      You can start playing the game in no time.

    • Easy-to-Learn

      No confusion of complicated rules and convoluted gameplay.

    • Endless Fun

      There are endless combinations of Products and Features.

    Invent-it, pitch-it

    Get creative and invent hilarious or genius products!

    Then, pitch your brilliant inventions to your friends, family, or classmates.

    Featured: College Students playing in Products tournament!