Best Games Like Cards Against Humanity

games like cards against humanity

Party games like Cards Against Humanity have evolved from simple entertainment to a booming industry brimming with creativity and an edge that appeal to grown-ups. They've traversed a path from wooden board classics to raucous card games that keep us cackling into the wee hours. If you're searching for alternatives that bring everyone to the table with banter and bonding, or if you're simply curious about what else is out there that scratches the same itch as Cards Against Humanity, then you're in luck. This article takes aim at the top party games that embrace the same incorrigible spirit while branching out into new territories of game mechanics and themes.

Get ready for a dive into the world of outrageous party games. From the meme-labeling madness to the outrageus inventions in skypig's Products, there's something for everyone. Grab a snack, pour your preferred beverage, and let's explore our top 9 picks of games that will have you and your friends howling with laughter, challenging your wit, and creating memories that'll have you giggling upon reflection. Enter the new heavy-hitters of the party game world, where no topic is too sacred, no pun too puny, and no meme unplayable.

Shall we begin?

1. Products - The Invent-it, Pitch-it Card Game

Our game, Products: The Card Game, blends the excitement of Shark Tank with the playful dynamics of a Cards Against Humanity-like card game. At just $30 and Free Shipping, Products is a steal for party game lovers.

The gameplay involves players inventing new products and presenting their ingenious or hilariously absurd creations to an investor. This engaging experience not only fosters creative ideation but also enhances public speaking skills as participants passionately pitch their ideas.

Transforming any gathering into a lively celebration, Products takes the traditional party game to a whole new level. Within this engaging experience, participants not only unleash their creative minds but also refine their public speaking skills as they zealously pitch their inventive ideas.

The party essentials are simple: just your group, and the specially crafted card deck.

What sets Products apart is its authentic hilarity and entertainment value. This game shines by focusing on imaginative thinking.

Featuring unlimited playability, Products guarantees a continuous stream of excitement as players ingeniously merge Feature cards with Product cards, generating an endless array of unique and entertaining inventions.

Our team has skillfully designed Products to be a catalyst for laughter, creativity, and interactive enjoyment, making it the perfect choice for groups seeking an authentically enjoyable party game experience.


2. What Do You Meme? – The Meme-Based Card Game

In the age of the internet, memes have become our collective form of expression — funny, poignant, and often downright outrageous. "What Do You Meme?" harnesses this digital era vernacular, inviting players to make the funniest meme by pairing a picture with a caption card.

Gone are the blank prompts of Cards Against Humanity; here, it's the visuals that set the stage for your comedic genius.

Whether you’re in the company of close friends or new acquaintances, “What Do You Meme?” suits anyone with a pulse on internet culture and a taste for topical humor. Available for purchase between $28.19 and $29.99, the game is in your grasp for those evenings requiring an infusion of modernity into your party activities.

The judging mechanic — where each round sees a different player selecting the winning meme — ensures that everyone’s humor can shine.

Customer feedback lauds the game for its ability to spark laughter and debates, with the occasional caveat that the game's content may swing to the adult side. But for those with thick skin and a penchant for pop culture, this is a hit.

Intended for 3-20 players and adults aged 17 and up, the playtime of 30-90 minutes is just right for a night of giggles and meme culture appreciation.

3. Exploding Kittens – Strategic Card Game with a Twist

Who knew a deck of cards filled with feline bombshells could create such a fervor? "Exploding Kittens" is the brainchild of skilled cartoonists and designers who wanted to test our nerves and strategy in a game that's as unpredictable as it is entertaining.

It's been a Kickstarter sensation, proving that when cats and kabooms collide, the public listens.

The original edition is priced at $19.99 and plays in a rapid 15 minutes, perfect for those craving a bit of suspense without a lengthy commitment.

Various editions, including the "Party Pack" and "Good vs Evil," offer diverse whimsical twists to keep the game fresh every time. Enjoy shrewd play and thoughtful tactics, along with the odd defuse card to avert feline disaster — "Exploding Kittens" makes for a worthy entrant in the realm of party games, with a slightly more cerebral bent than Cards Against Humanity.

Expansion packs add layers of complexity and surprise, while overwhelmingly positive reviews validate its place in modern game libraries.

With options for free shipping and a resounding recommendation from 92% of reviewers, this game carries the torch of group entertainment with flair and, of course, an ample smattering of cats.

4. Joking Hazard – From the Makers of Cyanide & Happiness

With "Joking Hazard," the infamous creators of Cyanide & Happiness invite you to step into their irreverent world. It's not just about what you play; it's about the narrative you craft as a group, one that’s bound to be fraught with politically incorrect twists and turns.

Battle it out with friends to form the funniest, most twisted three-panel comics, drawing from a reservoir of 360 cards that guarantee no game is ever the same.

For those familiar with Cyanide & Happiness, the humor is a given—an unabashedly brazen brand of wit. And yet, the core mechanic of creating a cohesive yet chaotic story stands apart from Cards Against Humanity's prompt-response dynamic. A gameplay that's as freeform as a webcomic strip itself warrants acclaim.

With a price tag of $25.49 at Target or $24.95 on Amazon, "Joking Hazard" positions itself as an accessible and refreshing break from conventional card games.

The content comes as no surprise—think mature, think mischief, think the makings of a night you won't easily forget.

5. Drunk Stoned or Stupid – The Judgment Call Game

No mincing words, no intricate game boards — just raw, unfiltered assumptions about everyone in the room. "Drunk Stoned or Stupid" pushes social boundaries with daring and is an intriguing alternative for those who found Cards Against Humanity's generic prompts lackluster. The game is brutally straightforward: draw a card, debate who in the group is most likely to embody that card's statement, and assign the card accordingly. Revel in the stories that these judgments unearth, knowing well that it's in good fun.

This adult party game has garnered a 5-star average rating and promises a night filled with laughter and the inevitable "I can't believe you did that!" Like any good adult party game, the objective here isn't about scoring points — it's about the stories you tell and the connections you make, albeit through a mercilessly comical lens.

While the humor can be blunt, the essence of the game lies in the camaraderie built while reminiscing over shared stories and misadventures.

Retailing at around $30.00, it offers a night of entertainment that, while rowdy, creates bonding moments that are priceless.

6. Secret Hitler – A Game of Political Intrigue

This game is literally one of my favorites! "Secret Hitler" brings a tone of seriousness blended with subterfuge to the party game stage. As players split into liberals and fascists, the game becomes a battle of wits and secret identities.

Liberals must work together to suss out who amongst them might be Secret Hitler before it's too late, while fascists plot their covert takeover—a stark contrast to the open irreverence of Cards Against Humanity, but no less gripping.

This social deduction game serves up delicious tension and requires strategy, leading to a genuinely clandestine affair where no one reveals their true colors.

The premium feel of wooden components adds to the experience, while a solid 4.9 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon, priced at $40.00, solidifies its well-earned popularity.

Beyond just a game night selection, it also serves as a catalyst for discussions on trust, deception, and the intricacies of group dynamics—a layered offering for those who seek depth along with their diversions.

7. Superfight – The Battle of Wits and Absurdity

The imagery alone of a ninja battling a T-rex on a jet ski summons a chuckle, but "Superfight" turns such scenarios into a full-fledged game of debates and hilarity. This card-based argument game equips players with a host of characters and attributes, crafting their ultimate fighter to pit against others in absurdly entertaining battles.

The sheer range of outcomes—thanks to over 700 cards available—keeps each confrontation uniquely fantastical. As you engage in verbal skirmishes or vote on the silliest or most strategic match-ups, "Superfight" elevates your game night into a lively forum of fervent discourse and laughter.

With options to buy different packs and an online presence that allows for digital matchups, "Superfight" reaches beyond the living room, offering an endlessly expandable, community-driven experience.

Reviews on its online iteration point to a mix of feedback—but what's consistent is the emphasis on creativity and the social fabric that elevates it as a party game mainstay.

8. Never Have I Ever – The Classic Confession Game

Remember those late-night college conversations, where secrets spilled like wine? "Never Have I Ever" taps into this, turning confessions into competition. The game artfully balances being revealing without being crass, striking a tone distinctly more personal and less provocatively humorous than Cards Against Humanity.

What begins as an innocent claim on something "I've never done" spirals into storytelling and glee when others admit, through points or sips of their beverage, their own unruly past deeds.

The variations ensure the game can fit comfortably within the type of event you're holding—whether a sober icebreaker or an adult reception.

Dive into rounds that alternatively build bridges and raise eyebrows, all in the pursuit of communal catharsis and camaraderie.

Truly a game that lets you learn about others in the most entertaining of ways, "Never Have I Ever" is perfect for those looking for an experience that is insightful without being too intense.

9. Awkward Turtle – The Adult Word Guessing Game

Join the ranks of amateur linguists and comedy aficionados alike in "Awkward Turtle," a game that combines the uncomfortable with the unashamedly funny. Imagine Taboo took a walk on the wild side, and you'll have an idea of what's in store.

Unlike Cards Against Humanity, where the humor can sometimes lean towards the crude, Awkward Turtle spices up the fun with layers of challenging wordplay that prove to be just the right blend of risqué and witty.

This game boasts 352 words that tread the line between what's commonplace in our lexicon and what makes Grandma blush.

The core objective — guiding your team to guess your awkward word within a 60-second window — sparks hilarity and quick thinking. With each successful guess nudging the team toward a 30-point goal, each round feels both frenzied and fabulous.

For a standard price of $14.99, with options for speedy shipping via Amazon Prime, Awkward Turtle presents an affordable and engaging scenario for any adult gathering or gift-giving occasion.

Customer reviews glow with admiration for the game's ability to bring people together over laughs and the game's uncanny talent for turning the mundane into the marvelous.

Rest assured you'll be in for an evening where the only awkward silence will be from contemplating how you'll describe your next word without saying too much.

The rise of adult party games

In the tapestry of game history, adult card games are among the most vibrant threads, winding back to the 10th century.

Their evolution tells a tale of societies thirsting for playful outlets with a semblance of strategy and chance. Once confined to the aristocracy, card games eventually trickled down to become the pastime of the masses.

Games like Pinochle, Gin Rummy, and even Solitaire boasted widespread acclaim, tweaking traditional rulesets to create the disparate and rich tableau of card gaming that exists today.

Fast-forward to the 1990s and early 2000s — enter "Magic: The Gathering (MTG)," a game that paved the way for Trading Card Games (TCGs) and catalyzed a hobby that transcended national boundaries and media formats.

TCGs became a cultural cornerstone, not just as games but as collectibles, community builders, and intellectual properties ripe for adaptation. With the advent of the digital age, traditional card games and TCGs also found new homes on screens large and small — spurred further with the involvement of blockchain technology and the introduction of digital collectibles.

As we entered the 2010s, a new trend began to crystallize — adult party games started to position themselves less as contests of strategy and more as platforms for humor, debate, and social interaction.

Games like Cards Against Humanity nudged the envelope, incorporating mature and sometimes controversial humor into a simple card-matching mechanic that could bring a party to life. This sparked a golden age wherein adult leisure activities were irrevocably marked by these uproarious and spirited games, filling our shelves and our nights with unique laughter and camaraderie.

Why seek alternatives to Cards Against Humanity?

Cards Against Humanity may have soared to popularity thanks to its brazen content, but it faced a storm of critiques questioning the taste and impact of its humor.

Beyond just the off-color jokes, the creators of the game have confronted allegations of an unhealthy work culture dominated by discrimination and harassment. The spotlight illuminated that behind the laughter, certain groups were often the brunt of the joke, prompting a call to action for those with social consciousness not to overlook these transgressions.

The game itself, with its direct and provocative statements, has drawn fire for fostering a culture devoid of self-awareness or introspection on its themes.

This lack of irony or witty displacement leaves Cards Against Humanity playing a dangerous game with its humor, which can sting more than it entertains. As a piece of entertainment, it's under scrutiny for offering a limited portrayal of satire — one that's frequently perceived as punching down rather than aiming at the universally comical aspects of society.

This wave of awareness has set the stage for consumers to seek alternatives — games that retain humor but do so with better taste, inclusivity, or sophistication. Others are intrigued by options that encapsulate similar jovial atmospheres through different mechanics or themes.

As a result, the market for party games has become ripe with prospects that vary in style, strategic depth, and comedic approach. From the tactically complex to the light-hearted, the game industry has answered the call with an array of choices that can fill a Cards Against Humanity-shaped void.

New additions and indie picks

The stage is set for innovation in party games, with indie developers and fresh faces reshaping what it means to engage in group play. Whether it's taking on whimsical roles as kiwi birds navigating postal puzzles in "KeyWe" or slicing and dicing with boomerangs in "Boomerang Fu," these games inject fresh doses of creativity into the genre.

These offerings often emphasize local and online multiplayer options, perfect for an age where communities span postcodes and continents.

With "Gang Beasts" leading the charge in goofy physics-based brawls and "Cake Bash" pitting players in delectable mini-games, there's no shortage of unique experiences that celebrate diversity and fun without the pitfalls of Cards Against Humanity.

Tips for choosing your next game like Cards Against Humanity

Ensuring your next get-together is a hit often depends on the chosen pastime. When sifting through the deluge of options, consider the audience and atmosphere. Are risqué jokes a go, or would strategic endeavors enthuse your invitees more? Tailoring the game to the crowd guarantees an evening full of enthusiasm.

Coordinating with food and drink only adds to the festivity—pick games that can be played with a snack in one hand. And don't forget the setting: the right game can set the tone, from subdued and sophisticated to riotously raucous.

Whether you’re accommodating youthful spirits or adult sensibilities, innovative twists on classics or entirely new games are there to dial the excitement to just the right level.

What game to choose?

Each game is a potential keystone for an unforgettable night. From the meme-crafting hilarity of Products: The Card Game to the deductive tension of "Secret Hitler," alternatives abound catering to diverse preferences and crowds.

The take-home message is clear—while Cards Against Humanity has its place, an abundance of rich, varied gaming experiences await discovery.

These alternatives extend the invitation for laughter, reflection, and camaraderie, often with a more conscientious flavor or a novel twist on classic game mechanics. Engaging with these games is not just about passing the time.

It's about the joy of interacting, the challenge of gameplay, and the stories that unfold, forever captured as treasured memories among friends and family.

Exploring this dynamic domain of party games yields a realization: the essence of group entertainment lies not just in the play but in the interconnectedness it fosters. So gather your group, pick a game from this list or one like it, and dive into an evening where the rolling laughter is the soundtrack, and shared moments are the prize.

Happy gaming!

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