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Products - 1st Edition - Free Shipping

Products - 1st Edition - Free Shipping

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Create genius or hilariously horrible products, then pitch your glorious inventions to friends and family.


  • 180 Features
  • 70 Products
  • 1 Surprise skypig Sticker

This game is perfect for any social occasion:

  • game night with friends,
  • a class activity with students, 
  • an ice breaker to start a business meeting
  • and more!

    Reviews that speak for themselves:

    People love this game!

    From teachers to parents to casual gamers, everyone is raving about how much fun they're having and how easy it is to play.

    Limited: 1st Edition

    Grab the limited edition 1st edition of Products while time allows! Each 1st edition comes with random

    How to play

    Free Shipping

    Bonus Stickers!

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    How to Play

    Who Knew Inventing Could Be This Easy!

    1. Investor Draws a Product card -- Example: a laptop

    2. Choose a Feature card to Add -- Example: that glows in the dark

    3. Pitch your Invention to the Investor in sixty seconds --Example: a laptop that glows in the dark.

    4. Investor Invests in the Best Pitch by humor, creativity, profitability, or more.

    What is your pitch?

    We want to hear the ideas you come up with! Submit and share your ideas and genius inventions for rewards, features, and more.

    Submit Pitches
    • 60 Second Setup

      You can start playing your game in no time. There's no need to spend a lot of time and effort setting up the game, so you can jump right into the fun part.

    • 3-10+ Players

      With the ability to accommodate a range of players, Products is highly adaptable to various group sizes and dynamics. It can be played in small, intimate settings or in large, social events.

    • Easy-to-Learn

      You'll be able to enjoy all the excitement and fun of games without the frustration and confusion of complicated rules and convoluted gameplay.

    • Endless Fun

      Never run out of new ideas to pitch and explore. Whether you're coming up with a serious invention or a hilarious gag, there are endless combinations of Products and Features for endless fun.

    Invent-it, pitch-it

    Get creative and invent hilarious or genius products!

    Then, pitch your brilliant inventions to your friends, family, or classmates.

    Featured: College Students playing Products!